And Wood.

No matter if there is little space in the flat or as an eye-catcher in the living room, Bicycledudes bikeshelfs bring you fresh and practical ideas for the place you love – your home.

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Bikeshelfs made of wood

BicycleDudes. The sustainable bicycle wall mount.

We love our bikes so we hung them in our home. Pretty hip with a bike wall mount. Practical and cool at the same time. Our wood comes from sustainable mining with an FSC seal. In production, we do not use toxic chemicals and pay attention to fair wages – so that others benefit too. Handcrafted in Germany.

Our bicycle wall mount “Johannes” was awarded the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD in 2019 (competition category “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories”) and as a winner at the BICYLCE BRAND CONTEST. The sustainable bicycle wall mount

Bikeshelf wood JOHANNES from Bicycledudes
German Design Award 2019 ans Bicycle Brand Contest 2019


Fahrrad Wandhalterung.
Sustainable & fair

Our bikeshelfs are produced in a medium-sized carpentry business in Germany. We pay attention to fair wages and good working conditions during production. Here we use only the best wood from controlled degradation and refrain from processing toxic chemicals. As an absolute self-concept, we subject ourselves to the highest environmental aspects for the consumption of water, energy and valuable raw materials.
Bikeshelf wood JOHANNES from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood HENRY from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood JAKOB from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood FRANZ-JOSEF from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood FRITZ from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood GUSTAV from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood FRIEDRICH from Bicycledudes
Bikeshelf wood MAX from Bicycledudes


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Bicycledudes Customer Feedback

Exceptional Design

“Exceptional design and perfect workmanship, fair price and fast delivery, unreservedly recommendable.”


Bicycledudes Customer Feedback

Dudes keep their promises

“These dudes and their products live up to their promise !!!! I’m thrilled in every way!”


Bicycledudes Customer Feedback

High quality Product

“Super fast, friendly and professional customer service, and a great, high quality product.”


Bicycledudes Customer Feedback

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“Nice contact, super fast delivery and excellent product.”


Bikeshelf FAQ.

Why Bikeshelfs?

We love our bikes and have experienced a lot of legendary history with our bikes. If your bike is not just any loveless item for you, bring it home to your home. Our wall mounts prevent space problems, protect against bad weather and theft while still looking really cool.

Bicycledudes defy the climate in Germany!

Yes, the steadily rising global warming is fact. Nevertheless, the average German temperature over the entire year is fresh and often wet 10.6 degrees Celsius. On too many days a year so no ideal bicycle weather – hard-minded #windundwetterbiker except. The outside conditions are not good for your wiry friend and the basement or shed – an emergency solution, right? Hang your bike on the wall. Practical and cool at the same time.

Your bike in the hall annoying the roommates?

The 60 cm handlebar width of a bike leaning against the wall are extremely bulky. They just protrude into the air, where swirling hands, hips and should actually be enough space for the waste paper. The simplest trick is to shift the problem to less used airspace. What hangs on the wall or under the ceiling, does not need precious floor space. Our solution: Bicycledues bicycle wall mounts made of great wood!

Where can I buy your Bicycledudes bike wall mount?

Since our foundation in the summer of 2016 we are growing steadily. Currently you can find our products online at: Bicycledudes Online Store, Etsy, Avocado Store, Selekkt | Home for young design, eBay and today is tomorrow.

Practical and cool at the same time. Show what you have!

After decades of reflection and calculation you have finally made it. Your dream bike is really yours and you’ve got it deep into your pocket. A good investment! The rides were great, but after the common after-work beer at Biergaten your ways separate. You go to the warm apartment and your bike? Such a shame, you know it yourself – drowsy in the dark cellar or worse, it is outside! Why? Connect the practical with the useful and get a piece of design into the living room. Cool, hip and efficient at the same time.

Bicycle wall mounts as theft protection?

On average, more than 300,000 bicycles are stolen every year in Germany – and the number is rising. The Aufklärungsquote, however, keeps persistently disastrous at a sad 10%. Particularly affected are metropolises and public places. For all of you who need to park their bike permanently outside or are already suffering theft-proven: Stop it! Bring your dear bike home.

The solution of urban hipster lifestyle space problems!

Life in big cities has so many advantages: 24h supermarkets, cafes and restaurants as far as the eye can see, clubbing and concerts every day of the week, … Individuality and cultural diversity attract people more and more to the city. The only downer: space and lack of space are unstoppable. Where to go with the beloved wheel, if theft, bad weather and the musty communal cellar are to be avoided? Our bicycle wall mounts offer an individual solution for beautiful, lovingly crafted products made from sustainable wood for every wallet.

What is the German Design Award?

The GERMAN DESIGN AWARD honors innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, which are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape. This is guaranteed by the high-caliber international jury. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented economy. We have been nominated for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 in the category “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories”.

Was ist der German Bicycle Brand Contest?

Ob technisches Gadget, praktisches Accessoire oder nachhaltig produzierte Fahrradmodelle – die Fahrradbranche entwickelt sich ständig weiter. Längst definiert und differenziert sie sich deutlich über Marke und Design. Mit dem BICYCLE BRAND CONTEST prämiert der Rat für Formgebung herausragendes Produkt- und Kommunikationsdesign der Branche.

Der Award richtet sich an Unternehmen der Fahrradindustrie – und an ihre Partner in der Zulieferindustrie, im Design sowie in der Kommunikationsbranche.