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Best friends since fifth grade. Backpacking Buddies. Founder. Here you can learn more about the BicycleDudes Steffen and Sebastian as well as about our mission to get bikes from sheds, cellars and yards home.

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The Dudes Story.

Good ideas always create solutions. In our case for a space problem in a very beautiful, but adventurous cut Albauwohnung. Inspired by a #doityourself bikehandle from a friendly WG in Dublin, our Dudes Story 2016 got off to a flying start after returning from our Ireland backpacking tour and producing the first prototypes.
The Bicycledudes Steffen und Sebastian
The Bicycledudes Steffen und Sebastian


Our wood comes from sustainable mining with an FSC seal. In production, we do not use toxic chemicals and pay attention to fair wages – so that others benefit too. Handcrafted in Germany.

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Good things are only really great if you can share them with others. Every customer image of you makes us a little prouder and shows that our dudes can be integrated into your home in so many great ways.


Our bicycle wall mounts come from a medium-sized carpentry business in Germany. We pay attention to fair wages and good working conditions during production.

Great freedom bike.

Grandpa’s old bike on the way to university, the fixie for the office or the road bike in the evening sun. There are countless reasons why cycling is the best means of transportation in the world. If you do not have a guilty conscience to let your wiry buddy in the cold cellar – our dudes are not only practical but also very chic!

Made with Love ans Passion.

We love bicycles. And wood. Here in Germany you will find handmade bicycle wall mounts made of the best wood. When processing, we do not use toxic chemicals and act according to maximum environmental considerations for the consumption of water, energy and valuable raw materials. Fairness and transparency in dealing with our employees and customers is a basic condition of our work.

  • Sustainability of our products – 100%
  • Fair production conditions  – 100%
  • Made in Germany – 100%


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