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Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines

Mai 2020

HALT MAL, GUSTAV | Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren

What to do with the bike if the new booth doesn’t have a basement? The best friends Sebastian and Steffen gave this problem the idea of developing a hip wall mount. Then in 2016 they founded the startup Bicycledudes.

Dezember 2019

Das Rad kommt an die Wand! | neue Woche

No bicycle cellar in the apartment building – so where should the bike go? On Wall! With the cool holders from “Bicycledudes”, the bike becomes a real eye-catcher in the apartment.
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Velostarclub
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines

Dezember 2019

Geschenke für Zuhause | WAZ

Bicycles are usually parked in rather unsightly places. it’s a shame, road bikes are often a real eye-catcher. With the “fritz” bicycle wall mount, the chic look can now be put in the limelight within your own four walls.

August 2019

Haltestelle | aktiv Rad fahren

Practical: Light bicycles such as urban bikes can be parked on the wall to save space. Many bikes also serve as decorations in the home. But there are also special wall and floor mountings for heavier bikes – from functional to super chic. An overview.
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Velostarclub
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines
July 2019

Freunde fürs Leben | KARL Magazin

No more barren cellar mews and uncanny backyards. With the Bicycledudes wall mount you can give your bike a dry and safe home in your own home.
July 2019

Gut abgehangen | Mountain Bike Magazin

My bike is a work of art, and art is staged. Therefore, the masterpiece hangs out for all connoisseurs and connoisseurs in the middle of the living room. A feast for the eyes! With the persuasion to the family, it is easier if the bike shines fresh, looks generally cool – and depends on a stylish rail.
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Velostarclub
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines
July 2019

Oskar“ im Test | Rund ums Rad Blog

Who loves his bike, makes it a deco piece. With the stylish wall mount by Bicycledudes the beloved sports equipment becomes the coolest accessory of the apartment. We have tried the “Made in Germany” piece of jewelry by Bicycledudes!
March 2019

In Szene gesetzt | Dewezet Hameln

Hamelner Startup receives GERMAN DESIGN AWARD. Sebastian Chus and Steffen Obermann are best friends since the fifth grade. And they love to travel around the world together. When they visited a shared flat in Dublin four years ago, they discovered a homemade wall mount for bicycles – and were thrilled.
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Velostarclub
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines

German Design Award 2019

We made it! Our bicycle wall mounts will be awarded at theGERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 in the competition category “Excellent Product Design – Home Textiles and Home Accessories”. The award ceremony will take place on 08.02.2019 in Frankfurt.
October 2018

COUCH Magazin | Bike Accessoires

Out of the way! This is where the most beautiful bicycle accessories come in: from the saddle to the bell to the tools – that’s how our bike can be proud of. We are very happy about the product placement of our bicycle wall mount “HENRY” in the COUCH magazine “Do-it-yourself” Edition no. 4
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Velostarclub
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines
Summer 2018

German Design Award 2019

Yeah! Our JOHANNES is nominated for the German Design Award 2019 in the category “Excellent Product Design”. We are very pleased with the honor and feedback of the nomination for our work over the past years. At the end of November 2018 there will be further information about the placements. The award ceremony will take place in February 2019 in Frankfurt am Main.
May 2017

Velostarclub | Bike Community

The bike is becoming more and more a lifestyle object. The trend shows that for many the wheel has become a status symbol and showpiece. It does not matter if you’re a lover or a financial investment: the fact is that in Räder nowadays, money is no longer invested purely as a means of transport. Therefore, they find more and more in the living or working space. This of course includes a stylish bike mount …

Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Velostarclub
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Dressed like Machines
March 2017

Dressed like Machines | Blog

Do not be confused by the borderline pun of the title, we are dealing here with a really useful and shapely design object. Just like his colleagues Franz-Josef or Karl | Bunt (daring name!), The idea for Gustav comes from Sebastian and Steffen, two old friends who some time ago at one of their annual legendary bike tours (can be read here) in the apartment Known a self-made BikeShelf crossed (if you can say that) …
February 2017

Cycle Magazin | Review

Who loves his bike, it hangs up. Practical and at the same time an eye-catcher: Noble wall holders give our favorite cult object a fitting place in the apartment. In issue 2-2017 of the Bike & Style magazine, five pages are devoted to a detailed comparison test of bicycle wall mounts …

Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Cycle Magazin Testbericht
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Blog we love to Bike
December 2016

We love to Bike | Blog

The BicycleDudes are Stefan and Sebastian. Both love bicycles. And they love wood. The idea for the FahrradDudes wall mounts was born in 2014, when the two long-term friends are touring Europe as backpackers. It was inspired by a homemade bicycle mount, which catches the eye in a shared flat in Dublin. Back in Germany, you scented your old, old and modern furniture, and you will see that this furniture in the apartment …

August 2016

It startet with a fight | Blog

The collection of bicycle wall mounts is already gaining new ground. And twice. Steffen and Sebastian from Hameln are BicycleDudes and offer two brackets in different versions. Johannes, Karl and Franz Josef (yes, that’s what they are called) are the same from Aubau and differ only in appearance …

Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Blog It started with a fight
Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Blog Die Zukunftsmanufaktur
June 2016

Die Zukunftsmanufaktur | Blog

Steffen Obermann and Sebastian Chus make a young trip through Europe every year. On a visit to Dublin, they saw for the first time what would mature to their own start-up idea: on a homemade mount hung there a fancy single-speed bike just on the wall. And looked more beautiful for the bike-loving entrepreneurs in particular than any modern work of art. What’s more, it was art for her …

June 2016

BicycleDudes | Press Release

Early summer in Germany, the sun is shining, fields are blooming and the air smells wonderfully fresh. The best time of the year to get the beloved wheel out of the dusty basement or shed and enjoy the freedom – but why hide something invisible in the dark that we love? Under the motto “We love bicycles. And Holz “produces and sells the Start Up Bicycledudes from Hameln in Lower Saxony since May 2016, bicycle wall mounts made of wood, to stylishly integrate bicycles in living spaces …

Bicycledudes Fahrrad Wandhalterungen Pressemitteilung

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