Bicylcedudes Gründer Sebastian Chus und Steffen Obermann

Your dudes. Sebastian and Steffen.

Best friends since fifth grade. Backpacking buddies. Founder. Our mission is to bring our beloved bikes home from sheds, cellars and yards and integrate them into our own four walls in a stylish and practical way.

Founding story

Good ideas always create solutions. In our case for a space problem in a very nice, but adventurously designed Albau apartment. Inspired by a #doityourself bike rack in a friend's shared apartment in Dublin, our Bicycledudes story started in 2016 .

Back from a great backpacking tour across beautiful, green Ireland, we immediately started implementing our plans.

As in many other successful start-up stories, the factors “luck”, “network” and “timing” played an important role in the first few months of our company.

Lucky, especially because the contact with a friendly carpentry shop turned out to be one of the most important business decisions to date.

Based on our plans, sketches and drawings as well as a lot of good advice and patience from the carpentry workshop, six prototypes were created until we looked each other in the eye and knew - this is it. Our first bicycle wall mount .

...starting a business. Photo shooting. website. Online shop. Platforms. After a few weeks with very little sleep - but with even more euphoria, we were online with five products.

Our mission is to combat urban space problems and ever-increasing rates of bicycle theft and to protect our beloved bikes from wind, cold and wet. Practical and cool in the place we love - our home .